Broken Dream EP

by Heart of Insanity

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It's about being in self-destructive relationships,
There are currently no physical copies available, but we asure you;
this is only temporary.


released December 28, 2016

Recorded & Mixed @ Fuck Around Studios
Executive Producer - Justin “Burtolishous”
Co-Producer/Chief Editor – Donovan “The Don”
Cover Artist - Kyler “The Wolfman”
Everything Else – Callum “Johnny Mc2dicks”

Everything was written and recorded by: Heart of Insanity



all rights reserved


Heart Of Insanity Grand Rapids, Michigan

Founded August 27, 2015, Heart of Insanity is composed of Callum (Johnny Mc2Dicks), Justin (Burtolishous), Donovan (The Don), and Kyler (The Wolfman). Following a few dates for Warped Tour 2017

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Track Name: Need Not Worry
Need Not Fuckied Lyrics:

Get that fucking thought outside of your head,
Tear your heart out and put you to bed.

Throw all your dreams, throw them all away,
Into the darkest pits they’ll stay.

You don’t need to worry anymore,
I’ve forgotten what you have done.

I don’t have to worry anymore,
I don’t have to worry,
We don’t have to worry…

Can you feel the thoughts crossing your mind,
Drilling deeper, deeper, so deep inside.

You’ll never escape these fucked nightmares,
Scream all you want but no one cares.


Don’t forget what I’ve given to you,
My loves a loss I can’t redeem,
And even through it all it still fucking seems…

So Brutal!


You can never see me anymore,
Because of what you’ve done.

And no one here can save me anymore…

I can’t fucking stand this,
All your fucking shit…

Track Name: Fuck Off
Fuck Off Lyrics:

The other day I thought about what you said,
About how you loved me, and wanted me in bed.

But I can’t permit, or be legitimate,
when all you do is get me into deeper shit.

But I’ll move on,
I’ll move on…

But I’ll move on,
I’ll move on…

What happened to the person that I know,
It’s like you think your life is a reality TV show.

It’s not about me, it’s about you,
Schizophrenic, pill popping blues.

Track Name: In the Past
In the Past Lyrics

Remember the time, we’d stay up all night,
Our lives planned out, looking so bright.

So many memories, of what we were,
But you lose everyone is what I have learned.

You got the girl
And threw me away

Even though I wanted her,
You thought that it would be okay

But friend it’s in the past,
You knew this wouldn’t last…

Because you had different plans in mind,
So many reasons, so hard to find…

You left me alone, searching in the dust,
You left confused, full of broken trust.

I know it’s true, you know it too,
We could’ve kept it all were it not for you.

This got soaked in gasoline,
When you got with her.

Looks like I’m lighting it,
Hopefully that’s the fucking cure


After putting me through hell,
And moving on in life,
You claim I did you wrong…

But you’ve caused my sorrow,
And you broke my trust,
And she was there…

After fixing your fights,
And struggling with life,
She came onto me…

But she left me here,
Just like you,
Still broken to the end…

So friend…

Track Name: Black Crow
Black crows follow people,
When they are about to die.
I know you’re my black crow,
We’ll walk together down this road.

Oooh, where will it go,
Oooh, I don’t know.
I never know
Where to go.

I’m still trying to let go,
But every time that you call,
I hold on for you.

Just kill me please black crow,
Because I can’t hold on
And I can’t let go.

I’m just another honest liar,
Singing my fears,
And waiting to die!

Just kill me please black crow,
Because I can’t hold on
And I can’t let go.

How many birds have to
Fly away…

Just to give me a sign,
That you’re not comin’ back this time
Cause it’s…
Not another 3 in the mornin’
Call me, tell me, that you want me back again,
But I…

Get it, I know how you are,
We’re all the same when it comes down
To our hearts…

Guitar Solo:
(Still losing sleep,
Cause I hear you,
Calling in my head,
Every night, I’m insane…

I don’t know,
Where to go,
Woah, woah…

Where will we go?

Where will we go?)

My fears won’t save me,
And suicide won’t satisfy…

How many birds have to
Fly away…

Just to give you a sign,
That I’m not coming back this time
Cause it’s…

Not another 3 in the morning
Tell me that you wanna die tonight,
But I…

Get it,
I’ve still been there too,
Not a couple more than a thousand times…

I still wanna die…
Track Name: Broken Dream Concept
Broken Dicks Lyrics:

Welcome to your broken dream…

It’s taken your soul,
You’ve lost your strength,
Keep going to make it…
(End-Less, Fear.)

Bring you on a journey,
To a place of mine,
To take you back…
(Find, It, Here.)

Secured your place
In the depths below,
Beg all you want there is
No-thing, you, can, show.

Acquaint yourself,
With pleasure and pain,
Because in here you’re
Trapped in-side your brain.

Deep down you know
This isn’t a dream,
Forget all you’ve been
Taught to believe

Breaking out
Of these binding chains,
Will make you know
You can never escape.

And when you wake up
From this broken dream,
You’ll want nothing more than
To go back to sleep…

Surrounded by darkness
With nowhere to go,
No one to help you…
(It’s, so, clear.)

Even with perfect eyes
You’ll still be blind on this
Desolate road.

Lost yourself
A long time ago
Run all you want there is
No-where, you, can, go.

Life and hell
Are one in the same,
Except down here,
You, can, take, the, blame.

Deep down you know,
This isn’t a dream,
Forget all you’ve been
Taught to believe.

Lies you’ve lived
Inside this life,
Will ever proceed
To cause your strife.

And when you wake up
To this broken dream,
You’ll want nothing more than
To go back to sleep…

The Pleasure,
It pulls you away…

The Pain,
It drives you insane…

The Pleasure,
It takes your soul.

The Pain,
Will make you whole.

“Please sing me to sleep because
You have killed me.”

Even through it all,
It seems to be,
You’re trapped inside
A broken dream.

The lies you’ve lived
Inside this life,
Will forever proceed
To cause your strife.

And once you accept
These fatal truths,
You’ll force yourself to live
Inside this broken dream…
Track Name: Just Another Jasmine
Just another Fuckhead Lyrics:

Just another Jasmine,
Added to the list,
Just another broken girl,
Causing needless shit.

A chilling touch
Upon her hands,
She’d break your heart
If she got the chance.

An abstract
Example of romance,
Left with naught
But empty plans.

Still there,
Not that you care.

4 months, (I don’t care,)
6 years, (if you don’t care…)
2 days, (I don’t care,)
5 hours. (If you don’t care…)

Who’s gonna be (It’s not like you cared,)
The one with you, (anyway…)
I don’t need you (It’s not like you cared,)
Anymore… (Anyway…)

Just another
Late night guilt trip,
Just another
Flower pulled.

Of temptation,

Paradox of
Let’s write a theory
That makes sense.
But you are,
Too bare,
No heart to share.


A flower disguised poison,
With a fitting name.

Your anger’s without reason,
What you call love is all the same.

You can’t give me much
More than lust…
All you can do
Is break my trust…

My heart is tainted
By your cold,
Withering hands,
Inside your soul.